news 2012/7/13

Taian Cresics Mine Equipment Co., Ltd.
Tel: 0086 538 3667188   
Fax: 0086 538 3667199
[email protected]  
Post code: 271612
Address:Industrial Zone, Shiheng Town, Taian city, Shandong Pro, China.

     Taian Cresics Mine Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional company for mine equipments designing and manufacturing, which aims to manufacture products in three mine technical areas including 'Mine Excavating & Subsidiary Transportation', 'Mine Electrical Automation', 'Mine Yard & Haulage Area'.Taian Cresics Mine Equipment Co.,Ltd. is located at the foot of the word-foumous Mont.Tai that having the advanced industry nearby the national coal industrial zone ...

Copyright:Taian Cresics Mine Equipment Co., Ltd.  Tel:0538 -3665766  Fax:0538 -3698088     
Management entrance  Registration certificate number:Lu ICP 06033641  

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